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The Digital Camera, Lens, and Photoshop CC


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About the book...

The Digital Camera, Lens, and Photoshop CC

The Digital Camera, Lens, and Photoshop CC, is a comprehensive introduction to digital photography. I wrote it to examine many aspects of photography. This book fully explores camera and lens fundamentals. It provides both technical and practical information to help you make informed decisions when buying a camera or lens and when using them to their maximum potential. If you like to think and intend to take photography on a journey toward creative excellence, read this book. If you own a digital camera and remain unfamiliar with the usefulness of JPEG or Raw files, this book will help you. If you love photography but do not acknowledge computers as friends, this book will coach you toward an understanding and appreciation of the relationship between digital photography and the use of post-production (after the shoot) software such as Photoshop CC. This book proceeds slowly but looks deeply into the science of photography, light, composition, and computer technology. I believe this book will please a wide range of readers.

Digital Camera, Lens & Photoshop

The book cover image has a higher resolution than many internet images. To better study the image, right-click and save the image then open it using a JPEG viewing program. You will see the image has a black point, shadows, three-quarter tones, midtones, quarter-tones, highlights, and a white point. Significant details and tonal values are preserved. Learn how to accomplish this, and many other concepts, in the book.

Photograph of the Day, Capture Kern County.

This photograph, taken under a Kern River bridge in Bakersfield California, was shot using a Nikon D810 with a Sigma 20mm lens (f/1.4, 1/160s, ISO: 64). It was selected as "Photograph of the Day" for February 4, 2017 by Capture Kern County which is sponsored by The Bakersfield Californian. At first glance, it is an ungraceful scene for photography. But when rendered in black & white and given a splash of color, the best characteristics of texture, form, and tone produced an interesting, but hardly lovable, abstract. Photography is a challenge we give ourselves. We are photographers. Given a soupbone, we make soup! After reading my book you will be able to do much better than this and win prizes too!

Cityscape; Photograph of the Day, Capture Kern County.

This photograph of a Bakersfield, California cityscape was selected as "Photograph of the Day" by Capture Kern County. After reading my book, shooting and producing appealing black & white images will be easy for you!

Table of contents:

The Digital camera
The imaging sensor and what you pay for in a camera
Cameras by their nature
Camera lens mount
Filter effects and filters
ISO and the exposure triangle
Exposure compensation
Light and light meters
Exposure metering modes
Exposure bracketing
Aperture & shutter Speed
Camera shooting modes
White balance
Hyperfocal distance
Photographic image options and file output
Putting sensors, color, and EV (exposure value) together
The color managed workflow
What to look for in a camera
Adobe Photoshop CC
Photoshop workflow
Photoshop exercises
Photoshop color correction
Panorama images
Cropping and framing
Archiving and mass storage
Appendix A, Additional things to consider…
Appendix B, Maintenance
Appendix C, Computer & amp; color science
Appendix D, An exercise for beginners class
Appendix E, The checklist
Appendix F, Some useful Photoshop shortcuts

Individual instruction in your camera or Photoshop CC is available.

Topics that may be covered in one-to-one instruction:

  • Introduction to digital photography and your camera
  • Photoshop or Lightroom and image post-production
  • Combining digital images and illustrations
  • Exposure and Composition
  • Best practices for Internet images
  • And more

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